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10 Signs You Have HIGH Testosterone Levels

Men with high testosterone levels are less likely to be RELIGIOUS, study claims

Very often, high testosterone levels are often associated with aggression, but a new study suggests that the hormone may also affect your religiosity. Research studies from McGill University in Canada have discovered men with high testosterone levels are less likely to be religious.

In the study, the researchers analysed data of over a thousand men aged 57-85, including their weight and height, saliva and blood samples.

Participants also completed questionnaires about how often they attended religious services and whether they had a clergy member in their core social network.

The detailed analysis revealed that men with higher levels of the sex hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in their bodies had weaker religious ties.

Dr Aniruddha Das, who led the study, said: “Religion influences a range of cultural and political patterns at the population level. Results from the current study indicate the latter may also have hormonal roots.

The researchers suggest that further studies are needed to understand how hormones shape a person’s religious beliefs in later life.

Dr Das added: “Without systematic exploration of these linkages, life course theory remains incomplete and potentially inaccurate.

“More research is therefore needed on the reasons why androgen levels influence a person’s religious connections, and on the role that hormones play in structuring the life trajectories of older people.”

It’s another interesting study which opens up the conversation leading to further discussions on such an important and essential topic for many men suffering with this condition.

Discover The 10 Signs You Have HIGH Testosterone Levels

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Video Transcript

– How to get harder erections?

And keep them for the rest of your life.

Hey, if you are having problems with your erections, and you wanna have harder erections, not worry about any issues whenever you’re ready to do what you wanna do, then listen to these five powerful tips that I wanna give you that you can incorporate into your daily life so that you have the erection that you want to without having to worry about them at all.

My name is Brian, A.K.A. uncle B. And for the last 20 years, I’ve been the sexual performance coach with African Fly, which is a liquid aphrodisiac. And I’ve talked to hundreds if guys, ages 22 to 82 who’ve have all types of sexual performance issues. And one of the main things that guys always wonder is, how can I get harder erection? And what I’m gonna do for you right now specifically is break down exactly what you need to know for a daily routine that’s gonna make sure you get to the harder erections that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And also, make sure you subscribe so you could get more of this information as we put it out as often as possible. So, let me go ahead and break this down till it can’t be broken down anymore. All right now. Five testosterone shifting habits. The first one is, pay attention to the amount of sugar that you’re taking in. A lot of guys are not paying attention to how much should you get. Because you’re only supposed to get 21 to 23 grams of sugar a day. Now a glass of orange juice is over 23 grams. So, it’s easy. The sugars all around us, and the thing yo have to remember about sugar is that, it lowers your testosterone. Now when you’re younger, it lowers it for about a half an hour, then it stats coming back up. As you get older, and your testosterone levels go down, then you start losing out on… Not losing out on, your sugar is pounding your testosterone level. So, you have to pay attention to that. Because the bursting and burning of testosterone is what fuels an erection. You have low testosterone, you’re going to have low erections. So that is the reason why you have to pay attention to how much sugar that you have coming into your system. The other thing you need to pay attention to is your sleep. How much sleep are you getting? Some people say I only need five to six hours of sleep. That’s great. But if you’re trying to have harder erections, you have to make changes in your daily habits and sleep is one of them because your testosterone build while you are asleep. If you don’t get that sleep in, you’re not getting your full supply that your body can give you in terms of getting a harder erection. I mean, when you’re asleep, you actually get five erections just on its own, no stimulus involved. When you wake up, the reason why you have a morning woody is because testosterone developed while you were asleep. So, with that information in mind, go ahead and go to sleep. But here’s a couple of tips for to help you get a better night sleep. The first one is, turn out all the lights. The second one is, turn off your TV. And the third one is, stop looking at your phone right before you go to sleep. The reason for that is because light stimulates the sun. And your brain is set up. So that if you see light, it’s going to wake you up. And so that applies especially to your phone. Because your phone stimulates sunlight better than the lamps and your TV does. So, with, on your phone, most phones now have a blue light app. So you can actually program it so that when you’re looking at it, it’s taking out that sunlight part of it. It’s just showing the blue light, and that’s better for your brain in terms of understanding that, okay, it’s not sunlight, I can look at this, and then I can go to sleep. The other thing you wanna do is set a pattern. You know, you have to be in bed by ten, so you can get up by six, so you get your full eight hours of sleep, you need to do that. You get that full compliment of testosterone. It will build every night. That’s the whole purpose of doing this as a daily and nightly habit. The other thing you have to pay attention to is alcohol. I know a lot of guys right here and I understand. But it’s alcohol. Alcohol is a poison that just happens to make us feel woozy. It also happens to have a lot of sugar in it. And it also happens to mess up your sleep. Now it may seem like you’re sound asleep, ’cause your snoring hard as I don’t know what, but your body is in the process of trying to repair that poison that you just took in to your system. So its not producing testosterone. So you’re gonna wake up, you’re not gonna feel well, you feel like you’re slightly sick. Well, you can imagine what’s happening down there. If your brain isn’t feeling well, then you know, it has no time for you to worry about getting a harder erection. So if you’re doing a lot of drinking, you have to start scaling it back. Cut it back, cut it back. It’s going to work out very well for you in terms of your erection. One of the things that a to of guys mis-add on, and is very healthy for you in terms of your testosterone is lifting. Lifting weights. Lifting heavy weights. The reason for that is when you lift heavy weights, you are actually going through the process of tearing the muscle, and as you sleep, your body is going to repair it. So your body’s like, hey, what just happened? We need to do more repair, dial up more testosterone to help repair these muscles. So, that process helps you. You know, when it dials up more testosterone, it not only dials it up to repair, it also pulls up some more testosterone for you to actually function better because it’s like, hey you just lifted something. You may need to lift it tomorrow so we can eat. So, let me give you some more testosterone. So that is a good habit to get into. The habit to get out of if you’re doing a lot of it, is a lot of steady state cardio. That’s where you just run on a treadmill for hours or elliptical for hours, and things like that. That actually produces cortisol. And cortisol is a stress hormone. It goes against testosterone. You know, so go against you losing weight in a lot of ways. So, getting on a treadmill and running forever is not great for you testosterone, which means is not great for your erections. And you have to remember, the first guy that ran the marathon died. I’m not perfect on my Greek or Roman history, but after that war, when the guy ran for marathon to say hey, we won the war. He ran 24 miles and died. I’m not sure why people start running 24 miles just to see what happens, but this is what happened to this dude. So let’s follow that. It doesn’t make sense. Just lift. Sign as to shown as that’s what’s going to help increase your testosterone, which is going to help increase your erection. And here’s one thing that a lot of guys, I tell them this, and they get so weirded out but you have to meditate. Why do you have to meditate? Well, I mentioned before. Cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone. And that stress hormone is just mm… When you have so much going on in your brain, you know, when you think about what happened yesterday, what happens tomorrow, what going to happen, you have the schedule, all of this is going on, and then, oh my goodness, here comes my girl, and we’re supposed to have sex, and my erection is like, what’s going on? That’s because too much stuff is going on. We are over stimulated as it is. Laptops, phones, al these different things that are going on plus the normal stress of our lives is messing with our brains, and that shoots up on cortisol. So, the fastest way… Well I’m not gonna say the fastest way. One of the best ways to get rid of cortisol, to lower cortisol, is to meditate. And let me uncomplicate it for you guy. I heard this from a Buddhist monk who said this. It’s like people have just complicated meditation basically so they can sell books, and you know, come take my class and stand on your forehead, why you meditate all this silly stuff? Really, when it comes down to meditation is very simple. Basically just focusing on your breathing. Just… (inhales) (exhales) Right there. That was meditation. I just did meditation. It’s that simple. I mean, obviously, doing it for a longer period of time is great. If you could do it for five hours, that is wonderful. Just sit in there, doing it for a minute, it’s going to change your cortisol level. It’s going to relax your brain. It’s like, hey I’m safe. I don’t need all this stimulus to go on at the same time. And so what that does, it lowers your cortisol, and relaxes your brain. It relaxes your body. And so, there’s a lot of health benefits. One of them being, You get a harder erection. If you can get a harder erection just by… (inhales) (exhales) You should go for it. It’s pretty free. Yeah, breathing. Yeah, they haven’t charged for that yet. So, go for that. So, let me give you one more thing though. I wanna give you a bonus strategy, a philosophy to use, incorporate these five testosterone shifting habits into your daily life a lot easier. And that is to walk away from crazy. I didn’t say, run away from crazy. I said walk away from crazy. And the reason is, all right think about it, if you see a dog, you start running at, it starts chasing you. Well that dog is your habits. There’s a reason why you’ve been eating a lot of sugars, sleeping the wrong way, not lifting weights, not doing meditation, these habits already locked in, that yo can’t just (snaps) one day change. I mean, people try it all the time. Its like New Years. I got my resolutions and so tomorrow, I’m gonna stop eating this, I’m gonna start doing that I’m gonna start doing this. Your brain has already locked into these habits, and it’s hard to change them. The way to change it is to slowly over time, so that become you’re changing your habits. You’re not gonna change all your habits at the same time because you already have stimulus set up, it’s like, hey I’m used to getting up every morning and pouring a whole bunch of sugar into my coffee. Well okay. Now that you know that sugar is the problem, uhhh, well I did it for three days, and on the fourth day, I added too much sugar, and I drank, and I didn’t even think about it, oh, what was in me? And now you’re stressed out. Don’t stress it. There’s always tomorrow. Just get used to the fact that you have to make certain changes. The show is on, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep because I had to stand for the end of the show. I get it. That’s life. Relax. You have to walk away from crazy. Crazy is your habits. Walk away from it, and your habits won’t chase you. Run away from it, your habits are sure, right the next day like, (panting) it’s that dog. It’s there for you. So, that’s my dog impersonation. What you gonna do? (laugh) so hey, those are my five tips for you to make those changes in your daily life. It does make a difference. Go for it. If you like the things that I just said, if you like the information, go ahead and subscribe, and also, leave down in the comment, what do you think of the two habits that you want to be able to implement the quickest? What are the two habits that you say, hmm, you know what, I could shift up on my sleeping, I cold shift up on my sugar, is it the weight lifting, go ahead and leave the comments down below. And also, if you have any questions in terms of sexual performance, impotence, erections, erectile disfunction, all of these things, I got a ton of information I wanna give it to you but I need to hear from you. What do you want to know? Id love to talk to you about that. This is Uncle B. Talk to you later. (upbeat music)

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