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Erectile Dysfunction Cause


What Helps Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

Suffering with ED? This video is interesting…Stimulating three specific acupressure points can help treat impotence. Locate these three points with the helpful tips provided by an expert acupuncturist in this free video on acupressure points on the body for treating impotence.



Video Transcript

hi my name is Bob Linde I'm an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist in st. Petersburg Florida today I'm going to talk to you about acupressure points on the body for impotence so probably the most important thing we want to gather for this is someone who can locate the exact acupressure points for us so we can either consult a good chart or book on acupressure or if you've got your local acupuncturist they can be really helpful in selecting the best points for you so once we gather a chart we can go ahead and find three points that are generally helpful for impotence they're named or numbered in a little bit different manner than some people are used to so the first one that we want to locate is called do 20 on the top of the head the next one is called Ren 4 which is about 1 hands breadth 4 fingers below the bellybutton on the center line of the body the last one is actually right between the legs and we can find all of these on most acupuncture charts and they're fairly easy to locate none of them should be painful or uncomfortable when we stimulate them and it's most effective to spend about one to two minutes stimulating these points at least once a day it's also effective to have our partner go ahead and stimulate those points for us as well in order to help with our impotence but there of course many different reasons why someone may be dealing with impotence so it's most helpful to actually contact somebody who's trained in traditional Chinese medicine and their diagnostic system to find which points are most effective either through acupuncture or acupressure and oftentimes with problems of impotence the herbs can be extremely helpful in this process as well so be sure to find your local herbalist or acupuncturist who can most be most helpful in helping you find these points and dealing with your problems of impotence so this is Bob Linde in st. Petersburg Florida talking to you about acupressure for impotence thanks

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