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Grab Your Nuts Guys…! Can These REALLY Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

How about brazil nuts helping you to overcome Erectile Dysfunction ?

Ryan Raman explores in this article…

In the following video, these substances are discussed and consider the reasons why they can lead to low T.

Note that while the condition I’m describing is similar to Anabolic Steroid Induced Hypogonadism (ASIH), it’s to a much lesser extent after these substances vs steroids. …

Video Transcript

testosterone boosters cause low testosterone that’s the name of today’s video this video is presented to the world because I see and hear from my main charge nurse that she received so many calls during the day in the last six months or so from men that are not on steroids or tea or tea they’re on testosterone boosters and they’re very concerned and they tell her that they’re suffering and they suffer with concentration issues mood and depression anxiety and sexual issues not to mention gynecomastia so it appears like these agents are very similar to anabolic androgenic steroids so what are these agents testosterone boosters I did my research and I deal with this all the time because I see men that are on steroids typically in the end and they want to come off steroids will they have medical issues and that’s what I deal with and of course I take care of men on testosterone replacement and it’s it’s a man’s club for men on antigens if you will and for a lot of minutes starts right here so I did the research and I want to present it to you very succinctly so testosterone boosters how do you boost as castelo naturally and can you actually boost testosterone naturally so you can pierce like you can so there are really two agents two classes there’s testosterone boosters then there’s pro hormones let me first go into the testosterone boosters what are they so if you do your research and you are gonna go online or purchase one of these you’re gonna find a host of agents so there’s many of these but I just want to be succinct tribulus fenugreek DHEA ash uganda there’s a very interesting agent called Tomcat ally or long a fella or long Jack there’s yohimbe and there’s a bunch of other agents including even vitamin D d-aspartic acid zinc and ginger but let’s talk about these agents that I talked that I presented these agents how do these agents work because they’re real these are all agents old herbs and plants from ancient parts of the world and they do work how do they work they’re really not completely sure but I’m gonna present some of the mechanisms and the mechanisms all are going to have effects in the central nervous system in the cerebral cortex in the hypothalamus and the pituitary and of course there’s the access to the testicles that old-school hypothalamus pituitary gonad axis it has other effects where it’ll actually block the effect of antigens as people know aromatization and lowering estrogen effects I’ve discovered and there’s a host of other effects where they’re really not boosting testosterone at all they’re actually just having effects in the brain because sex for a man and being relaxed as a man and feeling well as a man it’s not just about testosterone so they end up lumped in as testosterone boosters but they’re really not boosting testosterone for an example tribulus it seems like the mechanism on tribulus increases luteinizing hormone and fog will stimulate normal in addition to some other mechanisms fenugreek that’s actually unclear what the mechanism is and i look at real medical data for this not just some of the purported you know stuff that we see throughout the world which that’s very important actually but scientifically can it really hold its weight and that’s what I try to when I do my reading is a physician I try to read through of course with evidence-based studies first then I look at the anecdotal because that’s very important aromatisse inhibitors and they has a blocking effects fenugreek it seems like it does it also Zener my saying that it can increase endogenous insulin and weight lifters and people looking to get heavy and build muscle there can be some effect in weight gain I’m not sure how true this is but when you do your reading on it you’ll see that there DHEA is a actually weak adrenal hormone and it converts to testosterone and can even aromatize to estrogen so DHT again and you see this over the counter these are all over the counter most of these there’s some gray zone on some of these of course depending on what country you’re in ashwagandha this is very interesting doesn’t seem to really increase testosterone but it has stress-reducing effects and well-being effects for men and could be some kind of an aphrodisiac okay tongkat Ali otherwise known as long jack this is a very special type of peptide core called a URI peptide and it seems like this again too may not really increase testosterone so much in the studies but it seemed to normalize stress hormones and it seemed to neutralize or even reduce sexual and binding globbit and in the end if you affect sex when binding globbing you’re gonna have effects on free testosterone so there it is so it’s not really directly increasing tea but it’s liberating your freakiest Ostrom and that of course we know scientifically and clinically it crosses the blood-brain barrier and a man feels better I mean when we prescribe testosterone that’s what’s happening and we’re just kind of shutting down all your systems and bypassing it so yohimbe have a very interesting agent that’s actually if you look at the pharmacopoeia in the united states it’s actually used for reptile dysfunction I’m not sure it really boosts testosterone so well but it may and it could cause a side effect of hypertension but it definitely somehow works in in the blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum kind of a viagra a little bit it’s very very complicated because it also has effects on the brain for spontaneous erections so altogether these are the natural few well testosterone boosters that there they are and I know there’s many more but these are some of the big ones now what happens these companies put them all together please open little tongkat Ali little tribulus Federer greet the DHE and you’ll hear me now this is the problem it’s a Shh oh it’s a mess it’s a mess that’s why seeing these men because if they have anxiety or depression because that’s what’s causing their poor mood and their quality of life not to mention sacs that’s not being addressed so before I move on to what I think the plan should be and what your alternative can be let me present the pro hormones so tea boosters and that’s the title of this video you can’t get away from natural testosterone boosters that I presented and other ages these are again we’re not talking about steroids today or these shouldn’t be steroids but sometimes they are pro hormones this is an agent it’s not stimulating anything this is and a hormonal agent that in your body is being metabolized to an active agent it’s a prohormone that around for a very long time what are the classic names remember super draw still there hallow draw still there one ad for andro these are still there and and you know the truth is super drawl I know for a fact is really just an anabolic androgenic oral steroid and some men like it better than they had drawn D ball super draw they get stronger on that with or without testosterone so pro hormones are very powerful but I have to differentiate them from the testosterone boosters the natural ones because these are actually agents that are converting your body to either stronger androgens DHEA testosterone itself or even converting obviously to a sturgeon and with ph’s and if you read across the board and you talk to all people these guys have acne baloney puffiness and gynecomastia so that’s my presentation on what testosterone boosters are and some of the mechanisms the problem is is that in the end when you take an agent that affects your central nervous system or bypasses that directly let the pH is due you you end up shutting down you get right back into the scenario that you did and you can have with steroid use so just use steroids people say right I don’t know I don’t recommend that so the condition academically clinically is anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism that’s what we have here but to a much lesser extent so these drugs it’s amazing and I always say there’s no free lunch for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction that’s the universe that’s spiritualism that’s our medical world I see it every day for men that are using these agents so mmm what you should you do you should understand that why are you boosting your testosterone why is it for muscle I mean I love muscle if it’s for muscle be careful because they may work or they may be a stepping stone to boosters not tribulus and thunder geek Longfellow may Maura may not work then you go to PHS then you’re on steroids again this is just what I see no one’s gonna disagree with this and then you get into being a steroid user and then your pituitary gland is shut down not to mention you’re having other medical facts so then you have to be a patient mind and I’m not talking about that it’s not a joke so what do you do be careful underlying issues your libido is down why please go see a good doctor come see me I’m actually hiring doctors now for the Florida office very very soon thank you so much dual consultation what will happen with a very good physician as an expert in this field you’ll do a history you’ll you’ll get a chief complaint while you’re here every man is different history of present illness and then it works up with a detailed history this is not anti-aging medicine folks this is very particular medicine for men that are using these agents especially these young guys I’m not saying older guys don’t need care but all these young men they’re taking these ages and they’re disturbing their brain and their testosterone function they don’t have low tea most of these cases but they want better sex or a better mood or energy or libido or they want to build muscle which is understand what you’re doing and the effects of what may happen so you need a history and physical you need to focus on the details and for me it has to be from head to toe the site CNS the mood the anxiety general anxiety PTSD then it moves down to the five point looking at thyroid is that an issue the heart gynecomastia all the medical issues and then of course looking at the testicle function and how is your testosterone what is your real level some men have problems with libido and mood but their testosterone is super high seven eight hundred maybe higher maybe five hundred it’s not is that the problem should you boost it you have to ask yourself these questions and will you pay the price and how you’re gonna be unhappy and are you gonna be concerned for what you did and then you end up chasing your tail so what can you do be very careful what I recommend is really think of what you want think of what you want what’s your goal I always ask guys what’s your goal before we go what everything what you go what do you want to do what if you okay beyond the guys that come to me because there already have medical issues that’s quite clear and then then what I have to fix up and then we do the quality life so what can you do stay in great shape keep your brain good mental health is excellent get help talk to people talk to your loved ones stress release maybe vitamin D d-aspartic acid zinc and ginger natural things that can have an effect on testosterone endogenously but they’re not going to have such a strong adverse effect like some of these boosters and pro hormones so and go see a great doctor anywhere in the world there’s gotta be great doctors and try to realize that if you’re competing against yourself and you’re trying to gain this just for muscle more and more and more oh you may but you’ll also pay for it I really hope this helps everyone thank you so much dr. Thomas O’Connor here I’m glad you made to the end of the video if you liked it hit the like button and please subscribe to our channel and I look forward to bringing you all cool and interesting videos just like this in the future stay strong and healthy

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