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Is Veganism The Answer to Rock-Solid Erections?

Eating vegan food can boost erections by nearly 500%. According to an article by Sirin Kale a study featured in the documentary "The Game Changers."

The film dismantles the myth that athletes need meat in order to be at the top of their game.

It was produced by Academy Award winning director James Cameron, as well as Lewis Hamilton, Jackie Chan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Does Being a Vegan Help With Erectile Function?


"So, do vegans have better erections?

Lorraine Grover, a London-based nurse specialising in male sexual health, says not: “I’ve never heard of it.” The former MMA fighter James Wilks has claimed that veganism improved the quality of his erections. “We know that meat has been implicated in … causing erectile dysfunction,” he said, “but also sperm quality, sperm mobility, energy and this type of thing.”.

Grover says there’s no evidence for veganism improving sexual performance, and lists the reasons men may struggle: diabetes, vascular problems and nerve damage. But there could be a reason for Wilks’s assertion. “Your mental health has a big impact,” Grover explains. “Veganism may have helped him psychologically, and that carried over into his sexual performance.”

ED is often connected to a man’s wider mental health. “Everyone just wants to look at whether their penis is getting hard,” Grover says. “But if there’s turmoil in your personal life, that affects your erections, too.”

Dr Douglas Savage, an expert in men’s sexual health, points out that obesity is known to contribute to ED. “Any degree of obesity will make erection problems more likely. I should have thought that there are fewer obese vegans, generally.”

Raised cholesterol levels can also affect sexual health. “Cholesterol clogs up arteries in general, but especially if you have a penis. You may be more likely to be eating a meat-based diet if you have high cholesterol. If your lipids come down on a vegan diet, you may reduce your cholesterol levels.” Read more….


How About Some Celery Juice to start?

In the film, three college athletes took part in a study focused on erections. They each wore a pair of rings on their penis. One on the base and one on the tip.

The rings track the strength, longevity, and the number of erections they had over two nights.

On the first night, they were each fed a meat burrito. On the second, they ate plant-based burritos. The first athlete witnessed a nearly 9% increase in the strength of his erection on the second night, and a 303% increase in the time it lasted for.

For the second athlete, results showed a nearly 500% increase in the number of minutes his erection lasted after eating plant-based foods.

The third athlete witnessed a 312% increase in the number of minutes his erection lasted. He also witnessed a 13% change in hardness. Former lead delegate of the American Urological Association, Dr. Aaron Spitz, conducted the study. He said, "When I think of a manly man, "I think of someone who has strength, endurance, "sexual prowess, and fertility." He added, "What the scientific studies are showing "is that the more meat men eat, "the more quickly they lose their manly manhood."

In April 2018, Cameron told "The Star" Newspaper he'd like to give Viagra a run for its money. He said, "I'd love to put Viagra out of business "just by spreading the word on plant-based eating."


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Video Transcript

What's up everyone welcome back to another video and if you're new here well welcome to the channel my name is derek from Sinemet nutrition and today i'm gonna be talking to you guys about my experience juicing celery I'm gonna talk to you about all the benefits that I got from it some of the negative side effects that I got from it and why I suddenly stopped so it's a really popular thing right now a lot of people are jumping on board juice of celery and claiming that it has all these incredible health benefits basically that it saved their lives so we're gonna talk about that and then I'm gonna talk to you guys about my experience doing it and then I'm gonna show you guys how to make celery juice using a blender without having to use a juicer so in case you don't have a juicer at home and you want to try this so it should be fun I'm gonna jet home now and we'll talk more about this when I get home [Music] so many of you guys will know Anthony Williams the guy who made this so popular he also goes by medical medium and he is not a very interesting story if you don't know about him definitely check him out and I'm not gonna be talking a lot about him in this video I just want to be talking about like the celery juice and mainly my experience with it but if it does have some outrageous claims and coming from his website it says 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach can bring you relief and healing from all kinds of acute and chronic illnesses and symptoms including digestive issues skin conditions migraines fatigue autumn you Milnes –is brain fog and hundreds of others so while I couldn't find any scientific evidence to back those claims because there's really not any science on celery juicing in humans on an empty stomach you can definitely find tons and tons thousands of testimonials on his website and on Instagram of people that have healed their bodies through celery juicing and some of his other methods so I definitely thought it was like worth trying for myself and looking into a little bit deeper so I'll leave a link to Anthony's website down in the description box below and his article and celery juicing so you can read it for yourself but basically the way that he says that it works is that celery has some special salts in it and what those salts do is they bind to and eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the liver and they also help to build up our body's own hydrochloric acid and bile salts so that's all well and good but what does the science say so I went looking and as I mentioned there is no scientific literature like specifically on juicing celery but there is lots of stuff about salary out there so I didn't go you know into huge depth you know researching celery I just looked at some of the main articles that sort of relate to what we're talking about here so one thing that we do know about celery is that it is full of phytosterols phytosterols are a anti-inflammatory compound that's found in like many different vegetables and fruits and probably grains beans nuts and legumes too it would make sense that this would help to soothe and ease the digestive tract and like reduce inflammation in there and along with a lot of other organs in our body so yeah I can definitely see how this would improve our health so celery is also full of electrolytes so we know that electrolytes are made up of minerals like magnesium and potassium which are really good for the body so you'll be getting those in the celery juice as well and then beyond celery being anti-inflammatory it's also neat known for being anti fungal and also anti bacterial as well so when you consider like all these different things is definitely looking pretty good for celery juice so what did I experience on the celery juice so I should preface this by saying I didn't start taking celery juice because I had any ill health that I wanted to like fix or cure or anything like that like I simply wanted to add it to my already healthy diet to make my already good body feel even better if that's possible and I could always use a little bit of help with my digestion I've always struggled with digestive issues since I was a very young child so any help is always welcome especially doing it in a helpful way like having celery juice in the morning so my first experience with celery juice I get up in the morning I make the juice a huge glass of it I drink about half of it down and then my stomach starts to gurgle and it starts to rumble and run in the bathroom and I unload it sorry I don't need to give too much information away I definitely won't but I had diarrhea like crazy like water just straight out and it was a bit uncomfortable at first I'm not gonna lie I was a little bit worried so I went and I checked the medical medium web page and I wanted to see what he said about that see if there was anybody else that experienced those symptoms and to see if there was like a reason for it and this is what the website says about diarrhea this is a normal detox reaction that some individuals who have higher levels of toxins may experience celery juice will kill off unproductive bacteria in the gut and will also help purge the liver this can result in loose stools as the body pushes out the toxins from a very toxic liver so it could have been that it could also have been osmotic diarrhea which is basically when there's an imbalance of salts in your digestive tract and your body just gets rid of everything think about when you have like way too much magnesium citrate or like another the absorbed form of magnesium yeah that's basically what happened to me so his recommendation is just to have less celery juice don't have so much at once especially when you're just starting so I did that and I still experience the same things for basically it was almost probably a week and a half to two weeks after I started drinking it like every morning I would just get rid of everything that was in my body and it actually like other than it being inconvenient actually felt amazing like my stomach was so empty and so flat and I just felt like so light and everything but yeah I definitely like wouldn't choose it every morning if I did have the choice but my bowel movements for the rest of the day were totally fine it was only that first one or you know that first half hour hour after I had the celery juice that it was kind of a problem but then beyond that digestion was like great so the second thing I noticed was at the gym and I noticed that I got crazy pumps after I started having the celery juice so I would have the celery juice on an empty stomach you know and then evacuate everything that I needed to and then head to the gym and let me tell you like my workouts were incredible during that time that I was having the celery juice my muscles would fill up so quickly with blood I felt like I would warm up really fast and I was able to just like hammer it like I wouldn't get out of breath it was really really awesome and I do miss that I definitely miss that about it now that I've stopped so the reason for that is because celery like beets are full of naturally occurring nitrates and those are basically vasodilators so they help to increase blood flow which is a good thing I mean more nutrients to more parts of your body more blood flowing more oxygen being transported around your body for athletes it is amazing but the vasodilation can also help to lower blood pressure as well so that's another good thing but yeah the pumps from the celery juice definitely my favorite benefit from drinking the celery juice so beyond that everything was just kind of normal as usual around here or around here I guess yeah I did notice a slight improvement in my digestion it was just more consistent and then one thing that both crystal and I noticed was that at the end of the day after we've eaten like our huge meal and everything like that like our big dinner we didn't feel nearly like as bloated like our stomachs didn't like extend nearly as far as usual and I just didn't like feel like uncomfortable or anything everything just seemed to like move through really nicely and easily and then unfortunately at the end of the month my skin did break out and I don't know if that was because of me detoxing or whatever every once in a while my skin does seem to break out and I think it has to do with me taking like large amounts of b12 but then also not being careful about like what I'm eating sometimes if I have too much chocolate too much sugar and those sorts of things then I get breakouts so I don't know if that was detox you know from the celery juice or just you know a pattern in my life so if everything was all well and good then why did we stop juicing celery it went from like I was doing it full on to the next day none at all so what happened the price on celery skyrocketed so we're buying a case of celery and it comes with 24 heads of celery bigger than these they're kind of like this size I guess and we were getting that for $56 organic celery I only wanted to do it with organic celery and one day I went there to pick up a case of celery that I got for us and they were like yeah it's a hundred and thirteen dollars yeah it was like doubled in price just overnight so for you know the benefits that I was seeing from it I just couldn't justify spending that much money like crystal are already spending like between 6 & 8 dollars on a celery juice in the morning with the price how it was and then when it doubled it would have been like you know $15 worth of juice each morning and you know for the fact that I didn't have any really bad health you know problems going into it and it didn't really like solve anything at all I just didn't see keeping up with it for that price however I did notice today when I went back to the store at the price has gone down a bit so I'm gonna ask about another case and I might get on the celery juice again so with all that out of the way I bet you guys are like man I just want to make my own celery juice right now and I actually love the taste of it I know a lot of people are like well I can't handle it and Anthony Williams recommends putting like a half an apple or a few slices of Apple or something in there to help with the flavor but I think it's awesome just as it is I really don't mind it so today I'm gonna be showing you how we can make this with using a juicer so this is the juicer that we were juicing our celery with every morning it's a slow juicer by Ventre these guys actually sent this juicer to me for me to try out and I just want to give him the shoutout thanks for doing that you can use any juicer to do it but I know not everybody has the luxury of having a juicer I want to show you how to make celery juice using a blender so to do this you're gonna need celery you need a knife you need a blender that you also need a strainer and you could use one like this however it's much more effective if you have something like this which is a hemp nut milk bag and it's basically just a hemp bag not to be confused with a bag of hemp all right so this is really simple after you wash the celery you don't want to stick it in their hole because if you stick it into the blender hole the long strands of the celery is gonna get all caught up in the blade and everything and you know tie everything up and then it's not gonna work so what you want to do is just chop the celery up into fairly small pieces so then what you want to do is just get it all into the blender I think I chopped up too much and then you just want to add half a cup to a cup of water to it to help everything blend up and then just blend it up alright and this is obviously where the strainer comes into play so I'm gonna do it into this big glass bowl here just so you guys can see it a bit better and you can see some of it straining through already before I've put any pressure on the bag so these hemp bags are really nice because you can really refine them as well there's some bags out there that are made of like silk and other things and they're pretty delicate and they fall apart easily but you can see here it can just ring this right out and hemp is so strong oh man this is gonna work oh yeah so there's all the fiber that we're left with and usually fiber is a good thing but when you're trying to have something healing like this drink removing the fiber from it isn't such a bad thing especially if it's not a super sugary drink like if it's not just like straight pineapple juice or whatever celery is pretty low glycemic so totally cool to have without the fiber like this but it's actually amazing how dry this is this is like way drier than any juicer ever makes the pulp so it's actually a really effective method and it's fast to weight faster than the juicer and of course with this you could like put it in soups if you really wanted to save it you're really starving for for a fiber but you know I'll probably just put it in the compost so there's the healing elixir and in order for it to be effective you actually have to chug it all in one go so here we go no I'm just kidding you don't at all definitely sip it take your time enjoy hit swish it around your mouth a little bit get those saliva juices flowing and I'm like a $6 glass of green so that's it for this video I'm definitely curious to hear your opinions and your thoughts on selling reducing have you guys have any experiences with it definitely leave it in the comments down below let me know what you thought of this video hit the like button if you liked it subscribe if you want to see more from me if you haven't subscribed yet I definitely appreciate it thank you guys for watching this video appreciate it every single time so much love and gratitude for what I'm doing here and I'm getting to share with you guys so I'll see you soon with another video you guys got to see my audience here check this out just stairs this watches the whole time see my co-star yet kooky



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