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Testosterone Deficiency

Here’s a kick in the sweet tooth. Researchers from Ireland studied the effects of sugar consumption on testosterone secretion. They found that high blood sugar levels can sap your testosterone production by as much as 25 per cent. Even two hours after drinking 75 grams of glucose, 15 per cent of subjects still had very low levels of testosterone. So reduce your consumption of sugar and flour. Beer is probably a culprit, too. One thing to remember – if you get your testosterone tested, it needs to be done while fasting.

As we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass. A regular strength- training program will help you maintain it. And that same program will help you increase your testosterone level. You will benefit most from exercises that use a lot of muscles. Research shows that higher intensity exercises tend to have a bigger effect on testosterone production. So pick exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench pressing and chin-ups.

To help you succeed with your strength-training program, you need proper recovery. Your body doesn’t get stronger during exercise; it gets stronger after exercise. If you did your job with the weights, your body needs time to adapt to the stress and get stronger.

That includes proper sleep patterns. And a good night’s sleep will help maintain a healthy testosterone level.

In 1927, the University of Chicago’s Professor of Physiologic Chemistry, Fred C. Koch, established easy access to a large source of bovine testicles — the Chicago stockyards — and recruited students willing to endure the tedious work of extracting their isolates.

Also in that year, Koch and his student, Lemuel McGee, derived 20 mg of a substance from a supply of 40 pounds of bovine testicles that, when administered to castrated roosters, pigs and rats, remasculinized them.[176] The group of Ernst Laqueur at the University of Amsterdam purified testosterone from bovine testicles in a similar manner in 1934, but isolation of the hormone from animal tissues in amounts permitting serious study in humans was not feasible until three European pharmaceutical giants—Schering (Berlin, Germany), Organon (Oss, Netherlands) and Ciba (Basel, Switzerland)—began full-scale steroid research and development programs in the 1930s.

Video Transcript

hey guys is dr. Sam Robbins now a lot of guys asked me if they have low testosterone or they’re not sure and so forth so today I’m going to reveal seven scary signs that you might have low testosterone or maybe underperforming testicles now you see most guys don’t realize that they have low testosterone even guys in their 20s and certainly men in their 40s and beyond now statistics clearly show the men’s testosterone are at an all-time low and history basically half of what they were over a hundred years ago sadly the lowering of testosterone starts as early as your mid 20s however what’s really bad is that you’ll look and feel you know older right you think you have low testosterone you end up going to the doctor you do a blood test and I’ll say no it’s fine right you’re in the normal range and then off you go with no solution and the problem is that this normal range is very big and we’re in between 250 to 1100 nanograms per deciliter so if you fall anywhere in between you’re considered you know quote-unquote normal however that there is a big difference between normal and optimal range right it’s just like making money right maybe the normal salary you know yearly salaries $50,000 a year but what if you could easily make you know a hundred thousand or 250 thousand dollars a year simply by making some small changes you know at work or in your lifestyle and that’s what you’ll discover at the end of today’s video just one small change that you can do to double or even triple your testosterone and I’ll get to that in a couple minutes however I first want to reveal the seven warning signs that you have suboptimal or most likely just low testosterone and I see warning signs because low testosterone or what I call not optimal testosterone levels is directly linked to many diseases and health ailments such as high cholesterol and/or diabetes thyroid problems high blood pressure even depression memory loss of course prostate cancer osteoporosis and a few others simply stated low testosterone is causing you to age faster so I’m going to quickly list the top seven signs that you have low testosterone and then also reveal one of my favorite natural solutions however before I continue if you have don’t already subscribe to this YouTube channel please do so right now while it’s fresh in your mind because I’ve got some very important videos coming out soon about this topic and similar ones and I don’t want you to miss out alright let’s start with the very first problem is low sex drive and libido now one of the biggest signs is that you know you do have low libido and this includes physical and/or emotional drive so don’t think it’s just limited to you know erectile dysfunction or a physical urge the lack of emotional desire is also signed because your brain has lots of testosterone receptors number two is depression or feeling unmotivated like I said your brain has testosterone receptors and also and you know basically that low testosterone leads so lack of Drive in life not just you know lack of sex drive you’re basically you know not motivated or maybe you’re more irritable or you know they say grumpy old men it’s because of low testosterone you might also have more anxiety or feel down or depressed at times basically you feel you know blah about life and you don’t really want to do much or socialize number three muscle loss now I’m sure you already know that testosterone plays a big role in muscle size and if you’re exercising and you’re not gaining muscle or you’re slowly losing muscle each year then you probably have low testosterone also to a lesser degree loss of strength is also an indicator of low testosterone next and is a big one is increased body fat low testosterone is also a big indicator of higher body fat especially that unhealthy belly fat and love handles and if you’re starting to get even you know man boobs or called gynecomastia then for sure you have low tea and also higher estrogen number five fatigue have you ever noticed that you know men typically require less sleep than women well testosterone plays a big role here so if you’re you know more tired and you need naps you can or can barely get through the day let alone have extra energy to just go exercise or do much of anything else then you probably have low testosterone number six is memory loss and this is a big one that most people don’t know remember that your brain as many receptors for sex hormones such as testosterone cortisone which is a stress hormone estrogen other female hormones however what’s interesting is that your brains memory centers are loaded with testosterone receptors so if you see me be forgetful or if you’re worried about Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in the future then you better improve your testosterone levels and number seven is accelerated aging have you ever noticed that some you know older men they just look younger than someone they’re you know around the same age you know that better skin more head hair and so forth this is because testosterone is a youth hormone in place a very important role in skin and hair production now most people erroneously believe that hair loss is due to actually having high testosterone however the opposite is true it’s from low testosterone listen if high testosterone was the reason for hair loss and all the teenagers and guys in their 20s would be bald but that’s obviously not the case right that Saucer also plays an improvement in your skin collagen and elasticity and joint health and also prostate size so if you’re starting to look older than you then your age it’s time to increase your testosterone so in summary there you have it seven warning signs that you probably have low testosterone or what I call suboptimal and you don’t need to do a blood test to know this or get a physical all right the most important thing is how you look and feel right as far as what to do to improve your testosterone levels naturally make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel and my blog because I discuss lots of natural tactics and solutions in fact if you click the link below this video in the description area you can watch the next video and discover one of my favorite solutions that’s guaranteed to increase your testosterone naturally all within a few short days well guys that’s it for today I hope this video gave you more clarity if you found it helpful please give it a thumbs up and share the health with others so they can benefit as well I also do me a favor and please leave your comments and questions below and don’t forget to click the link below in the description area and watch the next video on how you can quickly knees only improve your hormones and testosterone levels naturally as always thanks for listening and have a happy and healthy day

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