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Does milk increase testosterone?

"Testosterone is the limitless drug. It makes you feel good, look more manly, act more manly, improves your mood, improves your concentration and certainly helps with achieving great sex! There's not much it doesn't make better, actually maybe you'll get sick of the constant rock hard erections.

I'm continuing the testosterone series I'm shooting if you're on this video. By watching my previous videos on the topic or you have a good understanding of what testosterone is and why the fuck you need it.

If you don't… quickly testosterone is basically man juice everything you want as a man will make you look more manly it will make you act more manly helps you build muscle helps you burn fat women will find you more attractive…"

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Video Transcript

hey what's up this Charles black from doctors are calm in this video I'm continuing the testosterone series I'm shooing if you're on this video you either watch my previous videos on the topic or you have a good understanding of what testosterone is and why the fuck you need it if you don't quickly testosterone is basically man juice everything you want as a man will make you look more manly it will make you act more manly helps you build muscle helps you burn fat women will find you more attractive gives you more energy gives you more focus makes you happier it's the best it's the wonderful it's the limitless drug in this video I'm gonna be covering eight of the best foods to raise your testosterone add these into your diet and your testosterone would go up without you having to do anything [Applause] [Music] before I give you detention Fortin – no while we're on the subject of food that your macros are very important by that I mean your proportions of proteins to carbs to fats because most people get this very wrong it's widely assumed by people that the most important thing for testosterone production is a high protein intake and that is quite wrong basically surprisingly what you want to do if you want to maximize your testosterone is maximize your carbohydrate intake protein and fat are essential for testosterone but there is a point of diminishing returns so you want the minimum effective dose of both protein and fats and then you want to maximize your carbohydrate intake the protein you want about naught point 8 grams per pound of body weight so if you're a hundred and seventy pound guy you want about 136 grams of protein a day or four and a half chicken breasts and for fat you want about 20 to 40% of your calories to come from it but it's important the type of fat not all fat is equal you want high amounts of mono unsaturated and saturated fat you do not want high levels of polyunsaturated fats unless it's omega-3 specifically but if you listen to my last video and you're cooking with olive oil and you cover in your food in coconut oil then you don't need to think about that at all coconut oil is high in saturated fats and olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats in fact if you're 101 saturated fat and saturated fats levels are very high then you can go more towards the 20% of calories from fat rather than the 40% food number one eggs ha ha ha eggs are the shit especially the yolks fuck egg white eating cunts the yolks are full of cholesterol and cholesterol has been given a bad rap cholesterol is awesome every cell in your body is made from it and most of your hormones are built from it estrogen testosterone DHT vitamin D a load of others it's the shit and eating cholesterol doesn't raise the cholesterol levels in your body just like eating fat doesn't make you fat if you do it in the right amounts my diet is 80% fat and I'm lean as fuck fuck what anybody says eat as many eggs as you want nobody's gonna believe this one so make sure you check the blog post in the comments or the description I'll put some links to everything all the crazy shit I've just said here number 2 bone broth modern day man tends to we just meat steaks but back in the day back when we were running around on the savanna hunting antelope all of that shit was getting eaten meat the organs the bones even the eyeballs and today by not eating any of that other stuff we're missing out on boatloads of evening vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health now in bone broth there are too many things with long names with health benefits for you to name all you need to know is it's amazing and if you eat it every day your testosterone go up your joints will feel better your gut will improve your brain will be firing at full power again it's the shit it's all the shit everything in this list number 3 Himalayan sea salt now salt like cholesterol has been unfairly demonized over the past I don't know how many years a long time when doctor tell you not to eat salt there right because they're talking about the crap you see almost everywhere table salt table salt is garbage it's just pure sodium chloride maybe some fluoride some synthetic iodine and some anti-caking agents thrown in it's just just throw it away now it's no good for you but if you get sea salt that is sodium chloride with tons of essential minerals that your body needs for good health and even better than sea salt is Himalayan sea salt that is the king of salts it has the most minerals of all 84 to be specific 84 essential minerals for your body you better believe that if you get this stuff in you your helps going to improve and so is your testosterone now I know some of you are gonna be skeptical of this one too so be sure to check the link in the description or the comments and go to the blog post and look at the studies that I'll link to number four cabbage now this one is a little bit different to the other ones because this doesn't actually raise your testosterone it lowers your estrogen levels and estrogen is essential for men and for women but if estrogen gets too high in men it works to lower your testosterone and on top of that it actually decreases the benefits that you experience from the testosterone you do have so you want to keep it in the optimal range number five chocolate no not Snickers dark chocolate chocolate is from the cocoa tree and it's full of lovely fats and minerals with a bit of fiber thrown in there for good luck chocolate is high in magnesium and zinc which both essential for high testosterone on top of that it's high in nitric oxide which is essential for rock-hard boners but again not all chocolates are made equal you can't just go to the supermarket and buy some milk chocolate the sugar in it will be lowering the testosterone and while the chocolate is raising it you really want to get as dark chocolate as you can I would say at least 80% I know it tastes like shit at first but I promise it gets better with time imagine the first time you tried a beer you hated it and now it tastes oh so good personally I mix pure cocoa powder into my coffee tastes like fucking shit bonus tip coffee is also a testosterone booster number six avocados a great fat profile high in monounsaturated fats low in polyunsaturated fats exactly what you want on top of that you've got B vitamins folic acid potassium magnesium and they go great with everything number seven probiotics introducing more of the good bacteria into your gut so that they can multiply it's going to be the future of medicine I bet you and stem cells and fecal transplants but I digress in one study rats were given this specific probiotic that I will not try to name and they combine it with standard American diet so high fat low fiber low vitamin D and the rats that were given the probiotic had testosterone levels seven times higher than the other rats and their Bulls were bigger go to the blog post to check for a link to that study and a link to where you can buy that probiotic and finally number eight what is her the s those twos well this is the S as cheese this what is this cheese also and what is this one that's cheese this one over here or desert use and the tears and the BSP's and the BS and but what this is a coffin is this a rice there's two thousand genes that's it I hope you've watched all three videos I've done on testosterone watch all three of them and you will never need to worry about your testosterone levels in your life ever again if you enjoyed the video don't forget to hit like and subscribe because in the next video I'm going to bring you some very exciting news that you do not want to miss also don't forget to check out the blog post to see the studies I've used here and get a free bonus that will teach you how to give your woman the most intense orgasm she's ever had tonight for free I'll send it to you immediately you can download it and apply it right away food number one eggs food number one eggs food number one eggs

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