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Think it Couldn’t Happen? I’m Not so Sure!

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Man had his penis AMPUTATED after taking Viagra while others left with banana shaped todgers – The Sun

“A MAN had his willy amputated after taking Viagra, say watchdogs. It was one of 279 reported “side-effects” of the blue sex pill in the past two years….”

Taking Viagra? Don’t do anything until you watch this…

Video Transcript

hey guys it’s dr. Sam Robbins now one thing I’ve realized since making my youtube channel is that there are lots of guys dealing with erectile problems so if you’re listening to this know that you’re not alone now daily I get questions about this topic and often I honestly feel bad because there are natural solutions that can relief fix erectile issues permanently and that’s why I’ve done so many videos about this topic not only is it good erection a key indicator of good physical health but also good emotional health because listen having erectile problems negatively affects your confidence and your relationships and because of this one of the most popular videos I’ve made was revealing the number one natural alternatives to cialis and viagra these two drugs being the best-selling and most popular erectile dysfunction medications and I’ll give you a link to both of these videos at the end of today’s presentation now once these videos got released I got hundreds and thousands of questions and comments some of the most popular being you know what’s the main difference between these two drugs or which one works better which is safer what has you know what are the side effects how can I reduce or eliminate the negatives why do they not work in over 40% of users and people especially older guys that need it the most is that’s one of the topics in my video also how can I make them work better and do natural alternatives even exist in it yes do they work now there are a lot more and but these kept being repeated over and over again so I found its mess and I make a quick video about these top questions so you don’t waste your time or money most importantly that you’re safe and also getting maximum results so the first question is how do they work as a reminder both cialis and viagra are pde5 inhibitors when sexually stimulated both of these drugs release the flow of blood to the penis which in turn causes an erection and the penis for most men now please note that both of these drugs do not increase sexual desire all right physically or emotionally only testosterone does and does this and I’ll tell you more about this in a couple of minutes next what’s the difference between cialis and viagra well there are two main differences and one main one all right which is basically the half-life of these drugs thus how quickly they work and then stop working viagra works quickly in about 30 to 60 minutes and a half-life is about four hours and that’s it’s basically stopped working in about six to eight hours it’s out of your system and the main peak happens in about one to two hours thus takes kicks in about thirty to sixty minutes last amount of one or two hours and it’s out of your system about four or five hours cialis is longer-acting it takes about one to two hours to kick in so it takes longer and the half-life is about 16 hours so it Peaks in about eight hours then the effects stop working in about 36 hours or right taking in two different metabolisms one other main difference is my anchor has to be taken on an empty stomach while cialis can be taken with food even though it really does work better non on an empty stomach in fact most drugs do the next question is which one works better now this all depends on your goal if you’re fairly certain that you’re gonna have sex then you know viagra is your choice it’ll kick in quickly right in 30 minutes or so you’ll do your job and it’ll be out of your system in a few hours but if you’re not sure and you don’t want to time everything perfectly like you do with the viagra or you’re going away for a weekend or something similar then cialis would be ideal just take it a few hours before you may have sex and if it happens then it’s already in your system all right now keep in mind something very important these drugs do not work in about 40% of people and actually stop working after a while or not nearly as well as they used to this is because they do nothing to fix the original cause of the erectile problems which is low testosterone and hormonal imbalances ironically the order you get the less these drugs work because your hormones keep getting worse so you must first fix your hormones alright and you don’t even need these drugs if you fix your hormones or they will work much even lower dose more on this in a minute but I do have a special link about this topic about improving your hormones below in the description area of this video next question is which is safe for cialis or viagra well they both honestly have the same sound effects because they both do the same thing and hibbett the pde5 ends ends I’m most common problems are sinus pain and pressure nausea diarrhea headaches blurred vision upset stomach flushing of the face low blood pressure and also abnormal ejaculation now they also cause stress on your kidney and liver and if you’ve ever had a heart attack or stroke or have a family history of it you shouldn’t take either of these drugs also if you have a higher low blood pressure don’t take these drugs in fact I have a friend who he and his wife were trying to get pregnant and you know he’s trying many times and this time he needed some help so he took half a Viagra and his wife found him passed out on the bathroom floor because his blood pressure dropped too low and this does actually happen pretty often additionally the more you use these drugs unless they work and hence it’s even harder to get an erection naturally later without these drugs to me this is a major negative now the next question is are there any ways to reduce the negative side effects yes you should use them less often and at a lower dose but then you know they’ll also work even less that’s the problem now this is a major problem with any and all drugs is the fact that they’re designed to reduce the symptoms alright but never to fix the real underlying cause or problem which again is to improve your hormones by increasing your pro sexual hormones such as your total and free testosterone levels and neurotransmitters such as dopamine these are all pro sexual while also importantly reducing the negative hormones such as the female and stress hormones which go up as we age next question is how can I make the Viagra and Cialis work better first take them always on an empty stomach it’s best especially the viagra but also the cialis however by improving your hormones right your testosterone everything else and I mentioned these drugs actually better and thus and even lower doses needed which also means less negatives in fact this is why these drugs work so much better and younger guys in their 20s while working less and the older guys you know that the older they get next question is why do they not work in over 40 percent of users well again not all drugs work in every single person but the main reason is again you need the raw materials for sex drive and libido this is for both men and women both emotionally mentally and physically dry and that’s having optimal hormones and higher total and free testosterone levels testosterone is your friend young guys have this and that’s why these drugs cialis and viagra work better in them but starting in your 30s and your hormones start to drop by 40s and 50s you’re barely producing 50% of the hormones you you and you need to have to it’s sex drive and a guy in his 60s who really needs these drugs usually gets only the negative side effects and barely the positives even at the maximum dose why because they have low testosterone again fix the hormones and you fix the erections and the final question is are there natural alternatives to Viagra and Cialis well not until recently but a few years ago we found one it’s a rare herb that most people don’t know about and it’s actually very hard any you know to get and expensive to produce it’s called zanthor o par Melia scab rosa and the important thing is it’s needs to be at 35 percent popper ezine extract it’s actually an herbal pde5 inhibitor now it’s not as strong as Viagra and Cialis but it does work at the correct dose again if you get the right extract you also want to take ingredients that increase your nitric oxide levels while increasing blood flow to the penis that’s how the whole pde5 works however again you still need to make sure your hormones are balanced and optimal or else none of these will work correctly or long-term again below this video in description area I’ve listed some important links and ingredients and then I’ve discussed in today’s topic so in summary Viagra and Cialis are both pde5 inhibitors and work the same just that viagra has a much shorter half-life they have similar negative side effects unfortunately the more you use them the less they work and in order to make them work better and increase your sex drive and your long term even permanently is my increasing your testosterone levels and optimizing your hormone or your hormonal balance just like when you were younger and so visit the special links again below this video and enjoy some safe sex thanks for listening and have a happy and healthy day

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