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What Happens When a Man’s Testosterone is Low?

Can a blood test detect low testosterone?

Low testosterone readings in a man can sometimes be the result of normal aging and life taking it's toll, but it can also be due to an underlying medical issue. Jeff Olsen speaks with urologist Dr. Landon Trost about the role of testosterone in the body and symptoms that may indicate your level is too low.

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Video Transcript

testosterone is a vital male hormone it's essentially the hormone that's responsible for a lot of things that we attribute to to men in particular things like strength and muscle mass if you have testosterone a certain type of cell in the body will tend to go towards muscle if you don't have to Stas trona it tends to move towards a fat type cell a lack of testosterone also affects sex drive erectile function red blood cell production even bone density with that much at stake you may wonder should men undergo routine screening for testosterone and right now the answer that is probably no however Mayo Clinic urologist dr. Landon Trost says tests are beneficial for men with specific symptoms that might be linked to low testosterone issues like diabetes erectile dysfunction low libido difficulty putting on muscle or increasing abdominal fat anytime you're noticing those symptoms or if you notice that you're clearly different than you know others in your same age group it's a good time to at least come in and see us and find out more for the Mayo Clinic News Network I'm Jeff Wilson

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